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Welcome to DeVilla Standard Poodles       

DeVilla Standard Poodles are bred for their health, temperament, and soundness. Our Poodles are raised in our home and are important members of the family. We realize that breeding, raising, and showing the Standard Poodle is both an art and a science. At DeVilla Poodles we do everything possible to insure the temperament, health, and well-being of your new family member. We are known for our quality breeding programs, the health of our Poodles, and the outstanding personalities of our dogs.

We are committed to improving the breed through our breeding program.  We consistently breed to Poodles that have completed all genetic testing and have achieved their championships. Because we don’t breed often, only every 12 to 18 months, placing our Poodles in the ideal home is of paramount importance. Our Poodles are excellent companions and do extremely well in therapy, obedience, agility, or conformation events.

Coco with the twins at the Boston Show…

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